Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Take 28: The Great Buck Howard

Tuesday: My "take" on a film.

The Great Buck Howard (2008)

"Greatness is a state of mind."

Earlier in the year, I mentioned the book 151 Best Movies You've Never Seen by Leonard Maltin (see post), and added The Great Buck Howard to my "want to see" list. I finally got around to viewing it... and... (drum roll)... What a gem!

After dropping out of law school, Troy Gable (Colin Hanks) stumbles into a job as personal assistant to Buck Howard (John Malkovich), a has-been mentalist hoping for the comeback of a lifetime.

They travel small town circuits, where Buck does cheesy performances in half empty auditoriums, and always exclaims...

I love this town!

The eccentric, cantankerous entertainer does not make life easy for Troy.

There is a reason, Troy, I am called
the Great Buck Howard... Not the Okay
Buck Howard, not the Not Bad Buck Howard--
--The Great Buck Howard!

But, Troy hangs in there, knowing that although this job doesn't make his heart race, it pays the bills and oddly fits his life--it feels right. 

Sometimes our niche finds us when a current job turns into a stepping stone to a dream.  Other times, after reaching the stars, we return to the niche we had all along.

What happened in Vegas?

You know, I don't really belong in Vegas anymore.
I belong in places like these. I love what I do.
I love these towns. I love these people.

Greatness is a state of mind.  It doesn't have to be about glitz, glamour, "making it big" or what others view as success. When we genuinely love what we do, it might very well be our calling, our niche.

Notes on content:
  • A few sexual references (innuendos), no nudity.
  • Mild profanity.
  • No violence.

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