Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Take 25: The Cokeville Miracle

Tuesday: My "take" on a film.

Based on actual events.

What a refreshing film! During a time when negativity and vulgarity abound in the media, The Cokeville Miracle stands out with quality filmmaking and a faith-promoting message: miracles happen.

Based on an actual event, the film depicts the crisis in May 1986 when David and Doris Young, wielding a bomb, rifles and pistols, held children and teachers hostage in a small elementary school in Cokeville Wyoming. 

The disturbed couple gathered over 100 students and teachers into a classroom. Hours ticked by. The bomb exploded. The death toll? Two...David and Doris, the perpetrators. All of the hostages survived the explosion and gunshots. That is a miracle...and it's not the only one. The investigation uncovers other miraculous points prior to and during the blast.

The film can uplift and give hope. Still, it might cause some to question, Why were the Cokeville hostages given these miracles, yet other victims in hostage situations were not so blessed?

The filmmakers don't attempt to answer that question. Miracles, by definition, are unusual events believed to be caused by the power of God. Since God is omniscient (knowing all things past, present, and future), it stands to reason that we don't always understand His ways. Miracles often come to those with faith, yet it can take great faith to accept that sometimes miracles do not come.

In Cokeville, Wyoming, for reasons not completely understood, miracles came in abundance on that fateful day.

Notes on content:
  • No nudity or sex
  • No vulgar language
  • The scene when the bomb explodes contains images of violence. There are also images of blood and wounds, but not in a gory or graphic way. (Although all hostages survived, not all escaped without injury.)

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