Monday, April 1, 2013

"Block" Buster: Noun-verb combinations.

I came across a writing exercise similar to the one I wrote about last June (see: "Block" Buster: Shifting Adjectives).  However, in this exercise you randomly make a list of nouns...
  1. cat
  2. computer
  3. pan
  4. radio
  5. truck
  6. book
  7. rug
  8. cart
  9. apple
  10. cabinet
Then think of an occupation (chef, accountant, doctor, teacher, carpenter) and make a list of action verbs fitting that job.  For instance, a sales associate...
  1. bargains
  2. drives
  3. discounts
  4. sells
  5. negotiates
  6. shows
  7. guarantees
  8. displays
  9. stocks
  10. assists
Now put the nouns and verbs together and see what fun combinations emerge...
  1. cat bargains
  2. computer drives
  3. pan discounts
  4. radio sells
  5. truck negotiates
  6. book shows
  7. rug guarantees
  8. cart displays
  9. apple stocks
  10. cabinet assists
Hey, that was fun.  Now I make sentences...
  1. The cat bargains for the most comfy chair.
  2. A slow computer drives me insane.

  3. The radio sells advertising.
  4. His truck negotiates tight turns with ease.
  5. A travel book shows pictures of exotic locations.
  6. That crumpled rug guarantees tripping.
  7. The cart displays fresh produce.

  8. The bathroom cabinet assists me with organizing.
It's amazing how writing exercises help break through the blocks.

Give it a try.  What sentences would you write with noun-verb combinations #3 (pan discounts) and #9 (apple stocks)?  


  1. That rusty, old pan discounts the rest of my newer cooking collection.

    My favorite grower has apple stocks that most people have never tried.

    FUN FUN FUN!!!

    1. Thanks for commenting, and sharing your sentences! Loved your ideas.

      I'm curious I reading the second sentence wrong? Because I don't see the word "stocks" acting as a verb. That's a tough one...every time I look at it I think stock market with Apple. Apple stocks.

      Hmm... maybe this... At Magic Market an apple stocks the shelves.

      It gets addicting.

    2. I was thinking "stocks" as in different varieties and inventory. It is an awkward sentence!

    3. I think the noun "apple" with the verb "stocks" was the trickiest one of all the random noun/verb combinations. That's why I left it blank and asked for others to work on it! hahaha