Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Action!: Screenwriter's group.

Last week I was invited to join a newly formed (on-line) screenwriter's group. I know most of the members, and admire the writing success of the group's host, so I accepted her invitation.

Since I've been re-writing my second feature-length script, I planned on submitting pages of that one for the group to critique, but then I decided to try my hand at writing short scripts. I've only written two.  My first one is real short, and the second one is incomplete (the one I planned to enter into that contest I missed).

I submitted my first short script to them. It's only 1.5 pages and no dialogue... I love visual story-telling!

It's amazing how nervous I was to submit that little script!!! Many writers view their work as their "babies" so even though the script was small, it was like I was sending my baby onto the stage and hoping she wouldn't embarrass me by singing off-key, or picking her nose.

Now I need to rest in a dark room until my nerves settle down... and gear up for the feedback.

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