Friday, November 23, 2012

Comic Relief: Life...the stuff comedy is made of.

Holiday movies often reveal bizarre family incidents such as a turkey so dry it evaporates (Christmas Vacation, 1989), and the neighbor's hounds eating the roasted turkey (A Christmas Story, 1983) but those scenes are funny because we can relate to them.

Holiday gatherings are prime settings for quirky real life. It's the stuff comedies are made of. I bet most of us have experienced crazy incidents fit for a holiday movie.

Here's some of our Thanksgiving misadventures:
  • We were newly married and living far from family, so a co-worker insisted we come to his place to eat. As we sat on the couch, awkwardly awaiting the holiday meal, their three year old daughter pranced about, singing, "I've got diarrhea! haha Diarrhea! haha Diarrhea!"
  • One Thanksgiving Day while Kurt worked at an E.R., he removed a fork impaled in a man's hand. The guy explained, "I reached for the last drumstick and Aunt Bessie stabbed my hand because I was taking her favorite piece of meat."
  • Then there was the time we spent Thanksgiving with friends and the man-of-the-house (I won't name names) accidentally dropped the turkey into the kitchen sink... filled with soapy water.
  • Or the time I asked my husband to pour a panful of turkey drippings over the fence into our empty lot. He dumped it inside the fence, where our delighted dog rolled in it, then romped through the house, soaked in grease.
Which of your goofy Thanksgiving moments ought to be in the movies?

(We'll save the Christmas memories for next month.)


  1. I wrote a T-day memory inspired by your post. See

    However, I would place it more in the "drama" section than comedy. Food poisioning is not so funny! LOL!!

    1. I read your post. Yep, food poisoning is not so the time. Glad you can look back and chuckle over it now! Hmmm... better to "chuckle over" than "up chuck" right?