Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take 4: Brave

Tuesday: My "take" on a film.

Brave (2012)

Change your fate.

WARNING: Spoiler alert.  The following post will give away key plot moments.

Perhaps because of my ancestral roots, I felt drawn to see Brave, and hoped I hadn't seen all the best parts in the preview. Turned out there were still plenty of surprises for me.

Maybe I was oblivious,  or too entranced by the scenery in the trailers, but I went into the movie expecting a certain storyline -- you know, the story of a rebellious teen that runs away, goes through hard knocks, and eventually returns, repentant and ready to set things straight (or to save the day). But, Brave fit the oft-used "Hollywood wants the same thing--only different." When the witch's spell turned Merida's mother into a bear, I was taken by surprise. I loved that twist.

The animation technology nowadays amazes me. The scenery was fantastic, and I enjoyed the skillful animation used to portray so many emotions and characteristics of Elinor as a bear... still fretting over proper manners. (Even as a bear her character arc was evident as she became more understanding and loosened up.) Then there's the animation on Merida's hair. Amazing detail.

What worked:  Familiar story with an interesting twist. Humorous moments. Quirky characters. Superb animation.

What didn't work: The men seemed too hen-pecked. Maybe I need to learn more about the culture of my ancestors...were they really that intimidated by the women?

Trailer: Brave

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