Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Action!: Moving forward with my screenplays.

Focusing on this blog helped me focus on my screenplays. Remember when I posted about my re-writing woes, and how I couldn't drag myself to my script?  (See: Action!: Write and re-write.)  Well, guess what... not only did I drag myself to it, I've finished it, and registered my screenplay--Sister of the Bride--with the Writer's Guild of America! (Feel free to applause.)

When I wrote the post about "Write and re-write" I had typed the title page to another feature length screenplay, and that simple baby step somehow helped me return to Sister of the Bride and finish that final polish. Crazy, huh?  Sure, it will still need changes down the road; that's the nature of the beast.  Screenplays are changed even during production. The masterfully written script for The Da Vinci Code was revised 25 times during filming.

Since screenplays continue to evolve, it's easy to get caught up in rewriting; eternally tweaking.  I've had feedback from nearly fifty screenwriters, and I've incorporated the appropriate suggestions, making it tighter and stronger with each re-write, until I reached a point where it was enough. Borrowing from Farmer Hoggett (Babe), I acknowledged, "That'll do pig."

So I felt giddy yesterday when I registered my "baby" with the WGA.  It feels official.  It feels done!

I want to bask in this feeling for a few moments before I move forward with selling it... and before I move forward with re-writing, tweaking, and polishing my other screenplay.

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