Monday, March 5, 2012

Background Talent

Last week I worked as Background Talent for "The Mistle-Tones" (starring Tia Mowry, and Tori Spelling) an ABC family movie slated to air this December.

I did my make-up and hair at home, and when I reported to the make-up department, I was given the look-over and pronounced "perfect." Me? Me, who usually wears minimal make-up? I got it right?Wow. That felt good.

Then someone assessed my hair. Again pronounced "perfect." I am such a nerd when it comes to styling hair, so I felt on cloud nine after that.

Next was wardrobe. I had to bring three options of Christmas outfits and winter attire to wear for my role as "Shopper." The guy looked at my assortment and really liked what I was wearing, so he told me to take my winter coat off and drape it over my arm so my pretty Christmas jacket would show.

They liked my make-up, they liked my hair, they liked my clothes... I felt pretty darn snazzy!

The next day, the same thing. Perfect make-up. Perfect hair.

I wore the same outfit from the previous shoot since we were continuing the same scene, but this time a different wardrobe person browsed through my clothing options, and told me, "When you do wardrobe change, put this's perfect for the 80s flashback."

Uh. Perfect for the 80s? I wore that just a few months ago. *pop*

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