Monday, June 27, 2011

Birds of a feather.

Isolated.  Disconnected from the film community.  That's how I've felt since I was no longer in school.  But Friday night I put an end to those feelings.  I attended a social gathering of filmmakers, sponsored by Utah Women in Film, a group I recently learned about.  The gathering was not just for women though, since the purpose of UWIF is for networking, they allowed another group (Utah Filmmakers) to join in the social for their "Meet and Greet". 

Imagine people mingling, eating fruit, and strange (but delicious) cucumber snacks, talking "shop" and schmoozing.  I met actors, producers for independent film, location scouts, and sat at a table with other screenwriters.  At first I felt strange since I didn't know anyone, but as we sat and shared stories, experiences, and laughter, I felt comfortable.  We were birds of a feather.  The "screenwriter's table" (not officially set aside for us, but soon developed into "our" table) became the happenin' place to hang out, so most people in the room eventually migrated near us.  

It felt so good to hear other screenwriter's share about their problems, writer's block, lack of writing time, reading about writing instead of writing, frustrations with actors or directors wanting changes to the script.  That's right.  Some of them have screenplays they've sold.  Some have found private funding to film their work. And some (me) have awe and envy and want to hang out with them to pick their brains!  

Ah! 'Tis good to feel connected.

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  1. Way to go, Trudy. You will be a great influence for good and success. Someday you will help aspiring writers along their way.