Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working on Films

Some people have asked if I have worked on any films. Yes. So far I have worked as Production Assistant for two Independent Films. My first experience as PA was for a feature length film titled Misa. My next experience was on a short film titled Forgive Me, Father*.  

Did I receive any payment for working as a PA? Yes, and no....  

For MISA, I received a small paycheck, which I have not cashed to this day. I cannot bring myself to do it! My first pay working in the film industry! It's on my bulletin board--serving as seed money, I guess.

For Forgive Me, Father* I signed a form donating my salary to the non-profit film company (Foursite Films). I can deduct the salary amount as a charitable contribution.

*NOTE:  When the film was complete, the name was changed to Father Forgive Me (2009).

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