Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What drives me to study film?

I am seeking a way to help bring about better quality films. I am not talking about milk-toast white washed topics. I am talking about quality. I define "quality film" as a movie that teaches, uplifts, or gets its message across in a non-preachy, entertaining, or thought provoking way. It can be hard hitting, it can be cutting edge, it can be powerful; but it does not need to be vulgar or violent! 
Film is the most powerful medium there is to date, and it should be used for good. There is far too much filth and graphic violence in movies--and there is no need for it. Consider the silent films of years ago...they handled deep topics and concerns without nudity, profanity, or extreme violence. The addition of sound and modern technology should enhance those topics now, not serve to demoralize or drag the viewers down.  

So, although my personal focus is on screenwriting, I am also seeking ways that I can contribute or help those in the film industry bring quality back. I told my husband before I began this path, "I don't care if I only help by bringing hot chocolate to the director...if it's for a quality film, then I'm at least doing a small part." (I had to laugh when that statement literally came true in October when I worked as Production Assistant and served hot chocolate to the director, cast, and crew of a short film. I'll tell more about that in a later post.)

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