Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Take 40: The Music of Silence

Tuesday: My "take" on a film.

The Music of Silence (2017)

The Unforgettable True Story of Andrea Bocelli

I first became aware of Bocelli when he sang "Because We Believe" during the closing ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics held in Torino, Italy. I had recorded the program on VHS and watched that segment numerous times, his magnificent tenor voice touching my soul.

Since then, I've purchased many of his songs. They lift my spirit, soothe anxiety, inspire.

So imagine my delight to watch a film about his life... his journey with blindness, his struggles and triumphs, his family's love, support, and encouragement. And I learned how the title reflects his approach to singing, as he is taught...

Maestro (Antonio Banderas)
Silence is the most important and
the most difficult discipline.

With that, I will stop talking about the film and let you go watch it.

Movieclips Indie Trailer: The Music of Silence

Notes on Content:
  • No violence
  • A scene with implied sex, but nothing shown. No nudity.
  • No language issues (or it was so mild, I didn't notice).

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