Monday, July 9, 2018

Writing deep.

Monday: Dialogue, Lines, or Quotes

I reviewed the movie I Can Only Imagine (2018) for ClearPlay. A tagline for the film states: The song you know. The story you don't. 

And what a difference that story makes!

Telling a painful story is not an easy task. I know, because I'm working on mine at a pace that a snail could zoom past.

The following scene hit me with power and still lingers on my mind... the band's manager, Scott Brickell (Trace Adkins), confronts the lead singer, Bart (J. Michael Finley), who is ready to give up.

Let me ask you something, Bart.
What're you running from? 

My dad. He, uh -- he --

He beat you, didn't he? 
Ya ain't got no poker face, kid.

And I carry that. I have to live
with that. You know? I always will.

Then write about it. Stop running from it.
Let that pain become your inspiration.
And then you'll have something people
can believe in. But to do that, you got
to face your fears, son.

Bart followed that wise advice and it led him to write the song I Can Only Imagine which became a multi-platinum hit.

I was not abused by my father but can relate to Bart's story in other ways and I appreciate movie dialogue that prods me.

How about you? Do you have a story that needs told? Do you have a difficult time facing those fears or writing deep?

(For my ClearPlay review of the film, click here.)

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