Friday, October 27, 2017

Used Car Shopping

Friday: Comic Relief

We are back to used car shopping since our vehicle was the victim of a drive-by collision. Husband was stopped at a red light when two cars collided in the intersection. The impact pushed those vehicles into the front end of ours. The cost of repairs would be more than our old car's value, so the insurance totaled it. *sigh* 

Here's what I wrote in April 2013 (Comic Relief: Car Sales). I am posting it again since it still applies:


Used car shopping saps the life out of me. We need a second car and it seems like every "free" moment gets sucked into talking about cars, researching Consumer Reports, and going to auto dealerships. Aaaagh. So for today's Comic Relief I found two clips about a car salesman (Robin Williams) from the movie Cadillac Man (1990).

I've never seen the film, and have no idea what it's about, but I like these clips. The first one ("Sale at a Funeral") represents the sleezy side of a car salesman. The second clip ("Wheeling and Dealing") shows his view of car shoppers. Uh... I'm the indecisive one who can't commit.

The Car Salesman:

The Car Shopper:

I asked my husband what we will spend our time talking about when we aren't talking cars. "Vacation," he responded. I need to get out of the "I dunno" stage, quick!


  1. I bought a car just before I retired in 2008 and I am hoping I never have to buy another. I have friends in their 80's who just went out and leased another car. I politely pointed out to them that they have been wasting a lot of money leasing cars over the past 30 years or so. But we live in the detroit area and everyone wants to drive something new. I may have to watch that movie.

    1. We leased a car once, years ago, and vowed we would never do that again. Painful and costly experience.

      We usually buy used vehicles (2-3 years old) and then drive them till they are on their last legs before we sell them (usually as a mechanic's special) and buy something else. When my husband retires in a few years, though, we might purchase brand new and have it be the last car we buy.