Thursday, May 21, 2015

Increased role of alcohol in films.

Watching an old movie with characters often lighting up a cigarette, I told my husband, "I forgot how smoking wasn't an issue back then." So a recent on-line Deseret News article piqued my interest: "With smoking declining on screen, experts turn attention to alcohol."

I didn't realize the role of alcohol in films had increased!

Used with permission from Deseret News.

The article stated, "Even as smoking rates and depictions in entertainment have fallen, another problem has risen to take tobacco's place on the silver screen: Alcohol."

Movies often demonstrate that alcohol is an acceptable way to deal with problems or emotions. Sadness, anger, bitterness, loneliness, and even happiness (time to celebrate!), all seem to warrant alcoholic beverages.

Young people are especially vulnerable to how alcohol is depicted in film "because the brain's centers for impulse and behavior control aren't fully developed until around age 25." So when films give an unrealistic view of alcohol consumption, young minds aren't equipped to sort out reality. They see the fun, glamor, escaping problems, and not the negative impact of death, abuse, accidents, rape.

Hollywood voluntarily cut back on smoking in films and television after the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement restricted manufacturers and advertisers from targeting youth. And since that time, tobacco use among teens has been greatly reduced. Hollywood receives some credit for that.

Here's to hoping Hollywood will soon voluntarily diminish the role of alcohol in films.

(The quotes and information are from "With smoking declining on screen, experts turn attention to alcohol" by Chandra Johnson, May 19, 2015,  Click here for the complete article. )

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