Friday, April 17, 2015

Ouch! That would hurt!

Friday: Comic Relief


It would hurt, but that's the fun of physical comedy, the character remains unharmed despite being knocked around, falling from great heights, squished by heavy objects, so we feel free to laugh.

"...physical comedy only works if you see someone get hurt and they aren't actually hurt. If someone gets hit in the face with a bat, falls down, and gets back up, it's funny. If they stay down and their jaw is wired shut in the next scene, it's really tragic..." (Chris Pratt)

I grew up watching the great physical comedian, Jerry Lewis. In this scene from Artists and Models (1955), he gets tied up in knots (see about 1 minute in). Of course there is no way his legs were actually twisted like that. Ouch! That would hurt.

Martin Short's physical comedy in Pure Luck (1991) makes me laugh...and cringe. Oh my goodness, the scene with the straw up the nose makes me wince every time.

The Three Stooges of yesteryear were masters of physical comedy, but for some reason I didn't become a fan until seeing the 2012 movie.


Does physical comedy put you in stitches?


  1. Hello there.
    We can watch Jerry Lewis over and over again...he was just too funny!
    Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy the rest of the challenge!

    Barbara @ Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. I have some of Jerry Lewis' movies on VHS and they're about worn out. (Especially "The Stooge.")

  2. I like physical comedy but sometimes it doesn't work. It's a fine line. Best physical comedy? I Love Lucy. Subtle and hilarious. I also like the Marx Brothers. I'm not a big fan of slapstick.

    1. Lucille Ball was definitely a master of all things comedy, and I Love Lucy was (and is) so much fun to watch! Good choice!