Thursday, August 29, 2013

Writing...It's not a hobby or pastime.

I have an "on-call" part-time job driving cars. While talking with co-workers, I mentioned a little writing retreat I hope to have someday. One of the drivers said, "Oh, are you trying to become a writer?"

My hackles rose, but I bridled my tongue and responded, "I am not trying to become a writer, I am one." I really wanted to ad: "Just like you are not trying to become a jerk, you are one."

I drive cars and other odd jobs to get out of the house, and to avoid hermit status. The income helps fund my writing expenses. Dennis Lehane said, "I would tend bar, load trucks, chauffeur -- do whatever it took. But from the moment I took my first writing workshop, I was a writer." I can relate to that.

And consider this quote: If there's a writer in your life who you love, don't call what they do a "hobby." On the other hand if your long-time nemesis is a writer, be sure to undermine their confidence by referring to their life's work as a quaint pastime. (Andrea Cremer)

Writing is not a hobby or pastime, so word of warning: Don't ask me if I'm trying to become a writer. I might lose the Mrs. Nice Guy. 


  1. Well written! The other day we saw a news show story where an employer had a lull in their work but didn't want to let their employees go. they continued to pay them full salary with an explicit agreement that the employee would go out and do the one thing they've always wanted to do. One woman took painting classes, etc. I looked at my husband and said "I'd sit at my computer every single day and write. I'd buy a better camera and go out and take photos for 8 hours a day!" He seemed so shocked at my answer. I don't think it's (writing) anything you can explain to someone who doesn't write.

    I'm COMPELLED to write. Even if it's just the grocery list.

    I get you!!! :-)

    1. Wow! What a wonderful employer to encourage employees to expand their horizons. And smart too… I bet they had more creativity and dedication to do their jobs when work resumed.

      You would write and photograph all day… I get you, too!