Friday, May 31, 2013

Comic Relief: Laughing off the nightmares.

I am on a Boise-bound Greyhound. I forgot to bring a book to help pass the time and the bus' wi-fi is on the fritz, so I read something already downloaded onto my laptop--the screenplay for Psycho (1960).

What a humorous experience… getting creeped out reading that suspense-filled script while surrounded by strangers.

I sent a text to my friend, warning, "I just read Psycho. I might need to sleep with you tonight."

She kindly informed me that I could sleep with McCoy (her Scottie dog), or her cat, Chloe.

I might need both. I chuckle as I think of the humorous line from Ghostbusters (1984), "Dogs and together..." I can see the humor in this.

In texting with my friend, I learned she doesn't have the Internet at her place. A weekend without the Internet? Now I am frightened for reals.

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