Friday, March 1, 2013

Comic Relief: And the award goes to...Holly.

Last Friday I posted humorous quotes from the 2012 Academy Awards (click here), and hoped to capture funny quotes from the 2013 Oscars for today's Comic Relief.  I wasn’t familiar with Seth MacFarlane's humor, or I would have known beforehand there would be nothing funny to write about.

When I finished watching the recording of the awards, I went on-line to see what people had to say about the show, and found a funny Facebook post from my young friend, Holly (due to have a baby any day now).  After such a long dull spell of watching the program, her update gave me welcome laughter.  My favorite 2013 Oscar humor award goes to her:

"Poor Noel nearly lost his life last night.  While watching the Oscars he commented on something being over dramatic.  Unfortunately, he spoke out as I was struggling to roll over and get out of bed. I thought his comment was directed at my huffing and puffing. Lucky for him I let him explain himself."

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  1. Update: Holly delivered a baby girl this morning. Congratulations!