Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heady Experience!

Well, it finally happened...I saw my name in the credits on the big screen at a Megaplex theater.  Last night was the premiere of FATHER FORGIVE ME--an Independent short film.  I worked as Production Assistant during the film shoot last October.  The film was produced by Foursite Films, which is the organization that hosts the Foursite Film Festival in Ogden, Utah.  They held a reception prior to the premiere, so Kurt and I got to mingle and snack.  We also had our pictures taken in front of the big "logo" screen (like they do for press conferences, and after academy awards...)  

I spoke to several people about helping with future projects.  I would really like to be more involved with Foursite Films since I respect what they are trying to do and what they stand for.  (I will post a separate blog entry about them later.)  Also, the screenwriter for the film asked if he could send me a copy of an upcoming script to get my input and suggestions.  I agreed, readily.  

After the reception, we went into the theater and watched the film.  (There were about 200 or more in the audience.)  It was my first time seeing it in completion, and I was pleased with the final product.  Then it was fun to watch for my name in the credits.  "Production Assistant: Trudy Bockoven."  Kurt and I elbowed each other and smiled.

The director asked for all of the cast and crew to come to the front of the theater after the film was over.  He passed a microphone down the line and had us state our name and what we did to help with the film.  Then they had a brief question and answer time.   I could see Kurt beaming at me!  I wish I could have shared that moment with family and friends!